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Hi, my name is Robin O'Neil. I was a special education teacher for 35 years and began making quilts the same year I entered the classroom. My interest in both was sparked by children who seemed fearless about color, pattern and play.

My quilt making journey began with traditional quilts - striving for tidy points, perfect corners, even seams and sensible color combinations.

After about 100 quilts, I left that behind. My new philosophy is to HAVE FUN, preferring improvisation piecing.  I use no templates, no patterns, no basting, no rulers and no worries. Scraps are my friends. When something I am making doesn’t work, I usually turn it upside down or cut it into pieces and reassemble. I add borders or sashing or an unexpected slice of color.

My thought is: life is too short for stress and fretting, especially about quilts!

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