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Rescue Presentation

I have put together a talk called RESCUE.  I share 16 quilts which I have repaired, ranging in age from 1860-1940. Each needed different care and each had a story to tell. This talk last about an hour and I share details about their origins in quilt history.

Repair Services

Maybe it’s my age, but I have quite an affinity for old quilts. Every time I give a talk or give a workshop, someone says“ I have an old quilt from my grandmother, aunt or a great someone that I don't know what to do with it.”

Over the years I have loved on and repaired many, many heirloom quilts.  They often needed seams mended, binding replaced, holes covered and stains removed.


I love rejuvenating these tattered treasures. These are not museum quality quilts. They are usually family heirlooms with sentimental value and hold love and secrets.

I have no issue with people who want to cut them up and make dolls, pillows or wall hangings. But my personal interest is on restoring them for use. I try to capture the spirit of the maker and return these old girls to “bed worthy” condition. 

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